Saturday, February 7, 2009

KKK: a brief introduction

What is Kompang?

Kompang is a very popular malay traditional musical instrument made from goats' hide. it is believed that the kompang is brought into the malay archipelago by indian muslim traders during the Malacca Sultanate Era or by the arabs through jawa in the 13th century.

it is played by striking the hide using your hands according to the rythm. there is two type of sound that it can produce. one is 'pak' and the other is 'ding'. the 'pak' sound is produced when the middle of the kompang is hit and the 'ding' sound is produced when the edge is hit. It is usually played during processions, kenduri kahwin and other traditional ceremonies.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of UM undergraduates residing in 8th Residential College, who are dedicated in learning and practicing the art of kompang. We usually hold our practice session every Wednesday night.

What is our mission?

1) To increase the awareness among the young generation on the importance of culture in life.
2) To enrich ourselves with new skills and experience. The learning process is not limited to within the walls of a lecture hall.